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HM & BP PARRY: Loyal customers since 1999

CRJ Services can do no wrong when it comes to loyal Welsh customer HM & BP Parry. The mid-size recycling company based in the Llyn Peninsula along the spectacular North Wales coast have been hiring machinery from the Cheshire-based waste recycling equipment provider for an astonishing eighteen years now, helping to process various amounts of waste materials on an annual basis. The long-standing customer relationship hasn’t just been built from the supply of high-quality machinery, however. The relationship has been built through CRJ’s ability to deliver ‘more than machinery’ – and by that, delivering a personal, helpful and transparent service consistently to HM & BP Parry, from day one.

Harri Parry from HM & BP Parry commented;

“The service and support I have received from CRJ Services over the years has been second to none. This is the reason why I keep coming back. All the staff in the office are really friendly and cooperative, machine delivery is always efficient and available when I need it, the machines themselves are always well-maintained and cost-effective, shredding operators are always on-hand to process your waste and eliminate technical issues, but most of all the team are truly supportive in every shape or form”

Processing around 25,000 tonnes of various waste material per year, the HM & BP Parry business has gone from strength to strength, becoming a leading green waste depository for local councils and private entities located around Gwynedd. Originally starting out with a Willibald shredder and soon later, a Bandit Beast shredder, the company initially relied on CRJ Services for the occasional screening work during peak seasons. In the years to come, HM & BP Parry then went on to purchase Doppstadt drum screens of their own, before recently selling them on, and now today depend on CRJ Services solely for both the hire of Doppstadt drum screens and Doppstadt shredders up to six times a year.   

DID YOU KNOW? As part of its development, HM & BP Parry has recently installed a Truck wash system for any incoming vehicles coming on to the site. Truck drivers can pay anything in the region of £3.80 – £16 to get their vehicle fully cleaned after they have disposed of the waste materials. The truck wash has proven to be a big hit so far, with over 250 trucks now using its services monthly.

About CRJ Services:

CRJ Services is a leading hirer of mobile waste recycling equipment. Since its formation back in 1999, CRJ has grown to become the undisputed solution for short, mid and long-term material processing requirements across the UK and Ireland; holding a range of slow and high-speed shredders, drum screens, star screens, deck screens, picking stations, eddy current separators and density separators, all available to hire, to help customers create saleable products and reduce landfill costs. CRJ also specialises in the sale of used equipment and spare parts for several industry leading brands.

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“The service and support I have received from CRJ Services over the years has been second to none. This is the reason why I keep coming back..."

Harri Parry, HM & BP Parry

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