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John F Hunt Regeneration Ltd


McCloskey R155 - Doppstadt SM620K - Kiverco PS


Aggregates, Household Waste, Trommel Fines

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John F Hunt has been appointed as the primary contractor for the remediation of the former Imperial Tobacco factory in Nottingham, which was built on an old landfill site. To process the landfill material, John F Hunt hired four machines from CRJ Services to segregate the material into various fractions. The remaining cleaned material could then be retained to be used in the restoration of the site.

John F Hunt is a group of 18 companies specialising in engineering and plant hire services within the construction industry. One of their divisions is land remediation, and the cleansing and stabilisation of contaminated land.

The ‘New Horizons’ project in Nottingham, being developed by Henry Boot Developments, is taking a former Imperial Tobacco site, remediating the existing landfill material and then building a series of new warehouse buildings on the site.


As the primary contractor for the remediation of the landfill site, John F Hunt Regeneration required a number of material processing machines from CRJ Services in order to accurately and efficiently segregate the landfill material into various fractions, such as plastic, wood and tyres. The remaining cleaned material can then be retained on site for use in the next phase of the development.

Cameron Enticott is the Site Manager for John F Hunt Regeneration. During the planning stage of the project, Cameron approached CRJ Services for a machinery solution, confident that we could supply the required equipment, having worked with us on previous projects. Cameron stated, CRJ Services have great knowledge and expertise in this field and are very helpful and reliable.”

Rob Symons, Director at CRJ Services, attended the site during the planning phase to discuss the machinery options and gain an understanding of the desired outcomes and materials being processed. Following the site visit, Rob proposed the following machinery arrangement.


Raw landfill material is to be loaded into a McCloskey R155 deck screener, which is fitted with a set of 75mm finger decks. The R155 then screens the material, producing an oversize product and a fine material of sub 75mm, which is fed into a Doppstadt SM620 trommel screener. The SM620 is fitted with a 20mm drum, which screens out the sub 20mm fine material, and the 20-75mm oversize fraction continues onto the first Kiverco picking station. The operators in the picking station are tasked with manually picking any impurities such as plastic, wood, rubber etc., leaving a clean fill material. This material is then placed back as fill within the site where build up is required and is placed in 300mm layers and compacted in accordance with the highways specification.

The +75mm oversize from the McCloskey R155 is fed through a second picking station where operators pick the impurities, again leaving a clean material that can be retained on site.

“The equipment has produced a very good product allowing a large amount of material to stay on site.” - Cameron Enticott - Site Manager at John F Hunt Ltd.

“CRJ Services has vast experience in delivering machinery solutions for land remediation projects across the UK and Ireland. Our knowledge and experience gives our customers the confidence that our equipment will deliver the results they require to achieve their goals.” – Rob Symons – Director at CRJ Services Ltd.

The equipment has produced a very good product allowing a large amount of material to stay on site.

Cameron Enticott, Site Manager

John F Hunt Ltd

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