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Kemp Waste Management Ltd (KWM) is a local family-owned business in Halifax with over 20 years of experience in waste management. KWM operate the Balkram Edge Recycling Centre, which offers services to customers throughout West Yorkshire and Manchester.

KWM provides skip hire and waste tipping services to customers from large construction firms to smaller contractors and residential clients. The waste they receive is diverse and includes a range of materials that can be reclaimed and recycled, minimising the amount of waste sent to landfill.


In April 2020, KWM invested in a new static material recycling plant, consisting of a Kiverco KL 820 trommel screen fitted with a 20mm drum, a four-bay picking station and a density separator. Initially, KWM used two excavators to pre-sort and reduce the size of incoming waste.

KWM found that their two excavators were struggling to keep up with the capacity of their new plant, and therefore required a slow-speed shredder that could shred their material and produce a particle size that would enable efficient picking of reclaimable commodities such as wood, cardboard and non-ferrous metals in their picking station.


Having previously hired trommel screens and density separators from CRJ Services, KWM approached us for a shredding solution. As the dealer for HAAS Recycling-Systems GmbH, we proposed the HAAS TYRON with a 6-6/4 shaft configuration. The 6-6/4 configuration consists of six shredding discs on each of the twin shafts, with four shredding teeth on each disc.

“This configuration provides KWM with a coarse shredded product (sub 400mm) compared with the finer shredded products produced by the 7-7/4 and 9-9/4 shaft configurations. This is a popular solution for clients who want to pick reclaimable materials from their waste stream manually, thanks to the larger partical size.”

Kiefer Morgan – Area Sales Manager at CRJ Services Ltd.

As CRJ Services operates 25 HAAS TYRONs in our hire fleet, we were able to supply a demo machine to KWM. This gave KWM the confidence that the shredder could produce the required specification of shredded material at a throughput rate of 30tph, enabling their static plant to operate at maximum capacity.

In February 2022, following a successful demonstration, KWM purchased a HAAS TYRON 2000XL 2.0 shredder with a 6-6/4 shaft configuration. Ash Crowther – Site Manager at Kemp Waste Management Ltd, stated: “We have been delighted with the performance of the HAAS TYRON. It produces the right size material for our picking station without reducing the size too much.”

Following the removal of the sub 20mm fine fraction in their trommel screen, the remaining 20 – 400mm material is sent through their picking line, where the reclaimable commodities are removed. The remaining material is then processed through their density separators, where it is split into light and heavy fractions. The light material is sent as a refuge-derived fuel (RDF) material to a local waste-to-energy plant, and the heavy material is repossessed and cleaned to be recycled as a hardcore material.

“The service delivered by CRJ Services has been excellent! We’ve just had our first service completed with no issues, and we are nearly ready for our first hard-facing session.”

Ash Crowther, Site Manager

Kemp Waste Man

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