With our customers ranging from small on-farm composters to some of the largest waste management companies in the UK, we help them divert millions of tonnes of waste from landfill, saving costs and creating saleable products. With over 20 years experience of operating in the waste industry and listening to customers old and new, we’ve learnt a thing or two about processing waste and the equipment used to do it.

We can promise that we’re not just about ‘hiring metal’. It's our knowledge, back up service and the extra lengths our team go to that keep customers coming back. You really can call us any time day or night and we’ll be able to help!



We thought you’d like to hear what some of our customers think about CRJ. Here are just a few recent examples. We have helped;

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Crappers & Sons Landfill - Kiverco Modular Range - DS150 + PS123 - C&I

Kiverco mobile density separator and picking station step in during MFR planning.

Welland Waste Management Ltd - HAAS TYRON 2500 2.0 - Waste Wood Shredding

Welland Waste Management choose reliability and low running costs with their new shredder purchase. 

Lancashire Renewables - Removing reclaimable material from MSW

Our Doppstadt SM518, 2 Bay Picking Station and Steelweld Strobe 1500 working in tandem to save landfill costs.

Wastewise Ltd- HAAS TYRON 2000XL 2.0 - Organic Waste Shredding - Composting

Wastewise increase shredding capacity with the HAAS TYRON.

ATG - Japanese Knotweed Eradication

Our McCloskey R155 Deck Screener helped ATG in their Japanese Knotweed eradication process.

J Dickinson & Sons - HAAS TYRON 2500 2.0 - MSW

J Dickinson & Sons demo the upgraded HAAS TYRON 2500 2.0, alongside their existing 2000 2.0. 

Amey PLC - Screening Compost Oversize

We helped Amey PLC remove sub 20mm from their compost with one of our Doppstadt SM518 trommel screens, to be used as soil conditioner.

Parry & Evans - Haas Tyron on Cardboard & Paper

See and read about how the Haas Tyron sold to P&E has increased tonnages by 50%.

Somerford Park Farm - Screening Impurities from Sand

We helped Somerford Park Farm screen stones and impurities from sand, to be laid on their horse trail.

Binn Group - Weima Powerline Shredder

CRJ supplied Binn Group with a Weima Powerline static secondary shredder for SRF production.

Levenseat Ltd - Extracting Fine Fro RDF Material

We helped Levenseat Ltd control the amount of fines appearing in their final RDF output. ____________________________________________________

Mill Farm Recycling - Static HAAS wood recycling plant

CRJ supplied Mill Farm Recycling with a new static wood recycling plant, capable of producing multi-grade wood chip products. 

FCC Environment Ltd- Increasing Capacity & Reducing Landfill

We helped FCC Environment increase processing capacity, save money and reduce landfill waste.

Angus Council - Haas Tyron 2000XL 2.0 - Green Waste Shredding

CRJ sold a Haas Tyron 2000XL 2.0 to Angus Council to shred their green waste collections into compost for local residents and agricultural clients. 

New Earth Solutions - Increasing their screening throughout by 50%

We helped New Earth Solutions to increase their screening throughout by 50% at their Blaise Farm Facility and also with their oversize challenge.

RTD Crawford - Haas Tyron 2000XL 2.0 - Wood Shredding

We supplied RTD Crawford with a Haas Tyron 2000XL 2.0 to pre-shred their waste wood down to <50mm before being further processed through their Haas static plant. 

P H Winterton & Son - Producing a quality Biomass product

We helped P H Winterton & Son shred their material to ensure exact sizing of uniformed chips for specialist markets.

Hadfield (Enva Group) - Custom Haas Tyron

We helped Hadfield Tilbury shred their waste wood material down to a consistent particle size for further processing. __________________________

Tudor Griffiths - Producing a quality final wood chip product

We helped Tudor Griffiths shred their waste wood material into a quality product to create saleable products.

Doppstadt AK510 Hire

Timberpak - Haas Tyron + Kiverco Picking Station _________________________

We helped Timberpak Scotland remove foreign objects and shred their waste wood for further processing.

Dunton Environmental - Separating deleterious materials from soils.

We helped Dunton Environmental extract harmful materials from their soils via a mobile picking station.

Kiverco Picking Station Hire

Binn Group - Haas Tyron

We helped Binn increase the quality of their SRF material, by supplying a twin shaft Haas Tryon shredder, which could produce a more consistent particle size.

Tiphereth - Efficient and accurate screening of compost.

We helped Tiphereth screen their compost to produce accurate grading of compost, with the use of one of our Doppstadt SM518 Trommels.

R. Plevin & Sons - Haas Tyron ________________________________

We supplied R. Plevin & Sons with a new Haas Tyron 2500 to replace their aging existing shredder.

Agrivert - Efficient and accurate screening of compost.

We helped Agrivert screen their compost to produce accurate grading of compost, with the use of one of our Doppstadt SM620 Trommels.

drum screen

Highfield Environmental - Shredding and screening of compost.

We helped Highfield with replacement shredder (Doppstadt AK435) and a trommel screener (Doppstadt SM620) to process their compost.

HM & BP Parry - Shredding and screening of compost.

We helped HM & BP Parry shred and screen their compost with one of our Doppstadt AK510's shredder and a Doppstadt SM518 trommel screener.

Churngold Remediation - Site Remediation

We helped Chrungold Remediation remediate a site with one of our Anaconda DF410.

Hydrock - Site Remediation

We helped Hydrock remediate a site with one of our Doppstadt SM518 Trommel screens.

Doppstadt SM518 Hire


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