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UK bases poultry farm







As more consumers and supermarkets demand that their eggs are sourced from cage free birds, the industry is having to adapt.

Our customer is a UK based poultry farm, who supplies many of the major supermarkets with eggs from their laying hens. They have decided to invest for the future and are leading the way to cage free barn conversion, removing the past and making the way for the future.


Europe banned battery cages for commercial laying hens in 2012, however ‘enriched’ battery cages were still legally permitted. Since this time, supermarkets and consumers have begun demanding a ‘cage free’ production of their eggs. This has led many egg farmers to chance to a ‘barn system’ whereby the hens have the freedom and space to move around within a building, whilst providing them facilities such as perches, dustbathes and nest boxes. 


CRJ was approached for a hire solution to break down the bulk of the cages, enabling them to be transported to a recycling centre for further processing and recovery. Mike Symons, CRJ Area Sales Manager, attended site to analyse their material and operational requirements. Following the site visit and discussions with the customer, it was agreed that the HAAS TYRON 2000XL 2.0 would be the best machine for the job.

The HAAS TYRON is a versatile twin-shaft slow speed shredder, renowned in the waste and recycling industries for its robust build and impressive performance across a range of materials. Its aggressive infeed, and advanced shredding technology makes it the ideal solution for the shredding of light metals.

CRJ brought one of our 18 HAAS TYRON’’s from our hire fleet to site, for a machine demonstration. The TYRON impressed with its throughput and ability to shred the materials to a size which will enable easy transportation and optimal reclamation.

The TYRON’s independently driven twin shafts allow for maximum shredding performance, whilst preventing material wrappage with its unique self-cleaning functionality.

The recent upgrade to the TYRON 2.0 has made the maintenance of the shredder safer, due to the ground level access to the shredding chamber, and faster due to the more spacious and accessible engine bay.

Two additional features which are of particular importance in this application are the considerable clearance between the shafts and the underbelly belt, prohibiting material from ‘nesting’ which would be inevitable in certain applications, such as this one. The hydraulically positioned overband magnet can be raised hydraulically, quickly and safely, in an application where it is not needed.

Following a successful demonstration, the HAAS TYRON was taken on hire to shred the remainder of the material. As with all CRJ hires, it is not just quality machinery our customers receive, they are supported by our nationwide expert service support team who are strategically located around the UK and Ireland to respond to our customers’ needs fast.

Not being its usual application, it was great to see the HAAS TYRON showing its versatility and dealing with the light metal hen cages. The TYRON was able to shred the material down, making it more economical to transport to a recycling facility. 

Mike Symons

Sales Manager

CRJ Services Ltd

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