Bruce Wash Pod

BRUCE Wash Pod

The Bruce Wash Pod is the only fully containerized modular washing system on the market, boasting the smallest working footprint of any complete wash plant. The Wash Pod consists of a dual shaft log-washer, which scrubs material as it enters the pod. The cleaned material is then fed over a trash screen where organic and light material is ejected. The remaining aggregate is fed onto a  washing screen that further cleans and sizes the material ready for stockpiling. Sand is collected from the washing screen into a 'sand tank', which feeds into the hydro cyclone which further cleans the sand, and begins the water removal. Sand leaving the cyclone is fed onto a dewatering screen, which removes the remaining water from the sand, and produces a sand product with a maximum 14% moisture content.


  • Construction Waste
  • Demolition Waste
  • Sand & Aggregates
  • Trommel Fines Clean-Up

Key Features


Footprint: Only fully containerised washing system on the market. 


Transport: Easily transportable from site to site. 


Finished Products: Three fractions of washed aggregates and one washed sand product. 




Dewatering: Final sand product consistently dewatered to 14% moisture content.


Sumps: Self-regulating sumps with built-in float system. 


Quality: Robust and durable build.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Weight: 36T

Total Height: 5.8m

Total Width: 2.4m

Total Width with walkways: 4.6m

Total Length: 13.9m

Feed Height: 6m

Discharge Height - Sand: 1.3m

Discharge Height - Aggregate: 1.2m

Power Requirement: 132.4kw

Flow Rate: 180m3/hr

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