Bruce BWD


The Bruce BWD dewaterers are a cost-effective solution to remove water and washed materials from your sand/aggregate product. The units come equipped with a long settling tank and recovery spiral for increased fines recovery. The speed of the process can be altered via hydraulic controls to suit the user's operational requirements. The BWD comes in three sizes; 90, 120, and 150 with the number denoting the tonnes per hour capacity.


  • Sand & Aggregates

Key Features


Power: Can be hydraulically driven from a mobile screen, or from an optional electrical power pack. 


Increased fines recovery: Long settlement tank and recovery spiral increases fines recovery.


Bucket Wheel: High capacity variable speed bucket wheel and screw. 


Hardox: Hardox lined discharge chute extends the life wear parts. 




Rubber lined: Slurry intake boxes are rubber lined for increased protection. 


Feed options: Single or double-sided feed options are available. 


Durability: Robust and durable build.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Weight: 4T

Feed Height: 1.4m

Discharge Height: 0.6m

Flow Rate: 90tph

Working Height: 2.6m

Working Width: 1.9m

Working Length: 6.6m

Bucket Diameter: 2.4m

No. of Buckets: 20

Tank Capacity: 2800 litres

Spiral Length / Diameter: 2.2m/0.9m

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