Haas Tyron 2000XL 2.0 - Hybrid

Haas Tyron 2000XL 2.0 - Hybrid Shredder

The ever-popular HAAS TYRON has been converted to an electric hybrid version. Utilising a small diesel motor to operate the tracks, and a large electric motor to power the shredding operation. The new Hybrid TYRON benefits from all of the upgraded features of the second generation TYRON, whilst combining the convenience of a mobile machine with the energy efficiency of a static shredder. A key feature of the Hybrid machine is that it produces no Co2 emissions whilst in operation, helping users to meet their sustainability and emission targets.

Haas Tyron Shredder - Online Monitoring

The Haas Tyron also benefits from the Haas Telematics online monitoring system. This system allows operators to track their machine online in real-time. You are able to track key performance indicators, as well as geographical data. You are able to set up alerts also, which notify you when certain triggers are hit.


  • Wood
  • Green / Organic Waste
  • MSW (municipal solid waste)
  • C&I (commercial and industrial) Waste
  • Tyres
  • Mattresses
  • Paper Rolls
  • Roots
  • Japanese Knotweed
  • Aluminium

Key Features + Options

  • Twin shredding shafts enable greater control and consistency of shred size.
  • Hybrid engine set up - Small diesel engine for the tracks, and a large electric engine for the shredding operation. 
  • Can be used in any location (comfortable transport measurements)
  • Easy and quick positioning thanks to crawler tracks and radio remote control
  • Shreds different materials with just one tool configuration
  • High throughput capacity of up to 100 tph
  • Resistant against foreign objects
  • No wrapping of long fibrous material (self-cleaning system)
  • Low wear costs and a long lifetime
  • Quiet main drive
  • Service and Maintenance friendly.

Technical Specification + Throughput

Technical Specification

Electric Engine Power:  280 kW

Diesel Engine Power:  43 kW

Shredding Chamber: 700mm x 2000mm



Waste Wood: up to 65tph

Green Waste: up to 60tph

General Waste: up to 50tph

Bulky Waste: up to 40tph

Industrial Waste: up to 45tph

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