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Haas Tyron Hire

Haas Tyron hire from CRJ. The Haas Tyron is the most powerful, twin-shaft, slow speed shredder in the industry. It is able to shred a wide range of materials and waste, and its versatility is matched only by its strong performance. This is due to it boasting an aggressive infeed and impressive throughput stats.

Within the CRJ hire fleet, we operate four variations (1500, 2000, 2000XL, 2000XL 2.0) of the Haas Tyron. Enabling us to supply our customers with a machine that matches their operational requirements. Due to the variety of the discs per shaft and the tools per disc, an end product of 150 – 500 mm is can be achieved.

The defining feature of these machines is their independently driven twin shaft set up which allows for greater control over the output size. Consequently, the shaft rotation speed and direction can be adjusted to optimise the output product. Also,there is a range of preset settings for Wood, General Waste and Organic Waste as well as a variable setting which can be manually adjusted to suit your requirements. The ability to reverse both shafts independently also protects the shredder against wrapping of long fibrous material, meaning a reduction in downtime spent cleaning the machine / clearing blockages.


  • Wood
  • Green / Organic Waste
  • MSW (municipal solid waste)
  • C&I (commercial and industrial) Waste
  • Tyres
  • Mattresses
  • Paper Rolls
  • Roots
  • Japanese Knotweed
  • Aluminium

Key Features


Outfeed Belt: 1400mm wide outfeed belt with a discharge height up to 4800mm.


Overband Magnet: Hydraulically height adjustable, with a strong neodymium magnet.


Infeed Area: Additional hopper extension for bigger infeed volume.


Tilting Hopper: For the direct infeed of extra long materials to the shafts.


Tracks: Easy onsite manoeuvrability.


Engine: Powerful “Scania DC 09” diesel engine. Low fuel consumption. Improved noise protection.


Shredding Shafts: 4 shredding configurations (wood, green waste, waste and bespoke). Shaft speed, direction and reversing time easily programmable.


Foldable Side Doors: Quick breaker bar change and easy access to the shredding shafts.


Traffic Light System: Easy recognition of the machine operation mode.


Multi-functional Display: A multi-functional coloured display for operating and controlling the machine, as well as interpreting machine data.


Remote Control: Operating the tracks and adjusting the height of the magnet.

Technical Specification + Throughput

Technical Specification

Power: 350 HP / 257 kW

Shredding Chamber: 700mm x 1500mm



Waste Wood: up to 25tph

Green Waste: up to 25tph

General Waste: up to 25tph

Bulky Waste: up to 25tph

Industrial Waste: up to 25tph

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