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17 June, 2022

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Terry joined CRJ Services as a Heavy Plant Mechanic in 2008 and has since progressed through various roles to his current position as Workshop Foreman.

Before joining CRJ Services, Terry completed an apprenticeship in Plant Engineering at Michelin Tyres, regarded as one of the most prestigious engineering apprenticeships in the country. Following his apprenticeship, he held junior engineering positions at Michelin over 12 years before joining Allied Bakeries where he quickly became a Senior Plant Engineer.

In 2008, following a recommendation from his brother Gary Martin, who is a Driver and Operator at CRJ Services, Terry applied for a position within the CRJ Services workshop.

Terry quickly showed his engineering prowess, and became a key member of the workshop team, gaining invaluable knowledge of our machinery and industry along the way.

As part of his role as Workshop Forman, Terry is responsible for managing our workshop teams to ensure our recycling & material processing equipment is maintained and repaired to the highest standard in an efficient and safe manner.

With CRJ Services having experienced significant sustained growth over the years, Terry is tasked with maximising the efficiency of the workshop. Ensuring incoming machines are inspected and maintained in a timely manner, maximising the availability of equipment for our hire desk to offer our customers.

Terry also heads up the practical element of the CRJ Services Apprenticeship Program. Having entered the profession through an apprenticeship himself, Terry really values the process, and is keen to pass on his knowledge to the incoming engineering talent at CRJ Services.

Outside of work, Terry continues his passion for engineering and our machinery, and has even created a working model of one of our hire fleet shredders – the Doppstadt DW3060!

“The knowledge and experience Terry holds is truly invaluable to CRJ Services. He is always willing to help others and is a very important asset to the company. He also imbodies the CRJ Services values; One Team, Customer First and Deliver the Best.”

Rob Symons – Director at CRJ Services Ltd


Why did you want to head up the apprenticeship program?

When we first started the apprenticeship program, many apprentices moved on once they had completed the course, which was disappointing. I had a great experience with my apprenticeship, and I wanted to not only impart my own knowledge to them, but to structure the program in such a way that would see them develop into fully fledged members of our team and retain their skills once they had completed their studies. 

What is your favourite aspect of your role at CRJ?

There are many aspects on my role I enjoy, including the involvement I have with the apprentices. However, it is the challenges and diversity of my role that I enjoy the most. No two days are the ever the same.

What is your favourite machine to work on?

They all have their good and bad points, so it’s hard to pick a particular machine. I do like a challenge though, so I would say it’s the bespoke modifications to machines that we undertake to fit the specific requirements of our customers.

What passions do you have outside of work?

I love my motorbikes – Classic British bikes in particular. I have 7 of them at the moment, but always room for some additions.  

I also enjoy my rock music and real ale. Favourite bands being Queen, Rush and Black Sabbath. I was a member of the real ale and rock society at Stoke Polytechnic during my studies… good times.

I was also on Robot Wars, teaming up with my son, which was great.

What do you consider the biggest change you have seen in your time at CRJ?

CRJ Services has grown massively in my time here. When I started, we had 8-10 machines in the hire fleet, and I think we had just bought our 6th screener. We now have over 100 machines in the fleet, and over 50 screeners. 

What are the main factors in the longevity of your career with CRJ?

I enjoy what I do, and the people I work with. As mentioned, we have grown significantly in my time here, and it has been very exciting to be apart of this journey, so long may it continue.

What three words would you pick to describe CRJ Services?

Hmm, I would have to go with four words… NEVER A DULL MOMENT!

If you could pick an actor to play you in a movie of your life, who would it be?

…Cameron Diaz

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