CRJ Services team up with Dove Bank Primary School to launch Treetopia


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2 August, 2021

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CRJ Services has collaborated with the environmental specialists at Dove Bank Primary School to launch a campaign to plant a grove of trees in the Scottish Highlands.

Global deforestation is key issue we face as a global community. Whilst there has been lots of media coverage on the issue of late, and progressive work being done across the world to combat deforestation, much more is needed to ensure the health of our planet.

Planting trees has a multitude of benefits, both short and long term. Trees are able to remove and store carbon from the atmosphere, slow heavy rain to reduce flood risk, enhance air quality and improve the ‘urban heat island effect’ by reflecting sunlight and providing shade.

It is for these reasons CRJ Services and Dove Bank Primary School are creating TREETOPIA! Treetopia is a grove of trees, located in the Caledonian Forest, named by the Year 5 team at Dove Bank Primary School.

Our initiative is part of a wider project to re-wild the Scottish Highlands, run by, who have already planted nearly 2,000,000 trees, since 1993.

As a machinery solutions supplier in the recycling and waste management industries, this is a subject we feel very strongly about. We take our corporate social responsibility seriously, and alongside making our own processes and equipment greener and more sustainable, we strive to make tangible contributions to our local and global community.

Our aim is to keep planting trees in Treetopia through various initiatives and fundraising, over the coming years. To keep up to date with our progress, keep an eye out from Treetopia updates on our socials.

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