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9 May, 2022


Mental Health Awareness Week is an annual event and is an opportunity for individuals and businesses to focus on achieving good mental health.


As the world continues to deal with the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine, it is more important than ever that we, as a society, raise awareness about issues surrounding mental health and wellbeing.


To mark this years Mental Health Awareness Week, which runs from the 9th – 15th May, CRJ Services is running a series of initiatives to not only raise awareness, but to also support our employees with their mental wellbeing.


During the awareness week, CRJ Services’ mental health champion, Simon Heywood, will be delivering presentations to our teams covering topics such as, sources of stress, talking about metal health and mental health first aid.


Alongside these presentations, our teams will have the opportunity to attend meditation sessions where they can take time out of their day to learn about meditation and the benefits it can bring, as well as give it a try.


Whilst it is important to recognise Mental Health Awareness Week, we understand that this should be a year-round practise. At the beginning of 2022, CRJ Services introduced a series of new benefits, some of which relate directly to our employee’s health and wellbeing, including [email protected]


[email protected] is a virtual service which connects users to third party specialists who can help manage our team’s health and wellbeing, covering areas such as Mental Health Support, Physiotherapy, Life, Money, and Wellbeing Support.


CRJ Services has also brought in an external wellness company ‘YOLO Wellbeing’ who deliver 1-2-1 stress management workshops with our team members that are proven to reduce physical and mental stress and provide advice and tools for our team to better manage stress.


These sessions and initiatives are all geared towards raising awareness of mental wellbeing, and giving our employees the opportunity and tools to reflect on their own wellbeing, and receive the correct help if they need it.


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