The Bruce BWSRB series of machines efficiently washes and dewaters sand using three stages; a bucketwheel, a hydro cyclone followed by a dewatering screen, producing one or two grades of sand. It comes equipped with a fully automated electrical control panel with an emergency stop, self-regulating sumps with a built-in float system, all mounted on a skid frame for ease of transport and maneuvering.

The BWSRB can consistently output dewatered sand with a typical moisture content of less than 14%.


  • Sand & Aggregates

Key Features


Reduced Wear: Reduced wear compared to the BWS thanks to the addition of the bucketwheel. 


Control Panel: Fully automated electrical control panel with emergency stop. 


Sumps: Self-regulating sumps with a built-in float system.


Easy Shipping: Foldable cyclone and support frame for easy shipping. 




Wear parts: All critical wear parts are rubber lined. 


Access: Galvanised access steps and walkways.


Screen Deck: Modular polyurethane screen deck. 

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Weight: 15,640kg

Feed Height: 3.1m

Discharge Height: 1.2m

Power Requirement: 51kw

Flow Rate: 180 - 200m3 / h

Working Height: 6.6m

Working Width: 4.3m

Working Width with walkways: 3.6m

Working Length: 7.9m

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