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Washing Solution Sales

CRJ Services is the proud distributor of Bruce washing solutions within the UK. Bruce manufactures a wide range of modular washing systems for the quarrying, recycling, and material processing industries, as well as full turn-key washing and recovery plants.

With over 60 years of experience, Bruce's systems are focused on the washing and recovery of waste and quarry by-products, to produce in-spec materials for sale. From stand-alone water baths, to full sand and aggregate recovery plants, Bruce offers equipment solutions to suit a wide range of input materials and operational requirements. Browse the Bruce range of solutions below.

Bruce BWS Series

The BWS series of sand recovery plant offers an efficient and compact solution for accurate and clean sand recovery.

The BWS maximizes fines recovery and produces high-quality finished products. The system consists of a lined cyclone, centrifugal slurry pump, a dewatering screen, and a collection tank.

The BWSRB incorporates a double bucket wheel into the standard BWS, which reduces the wear on the cyclones.

Bruce BWD

The Bruce BWD Dewaterer is a cost-effective way to remove water from a washed feed material. Coming in a range of sizes, the BWD can have its speed adjusted via hydraulic controls to suit specific operational requirements. It is able to process a range of input materials, including but not limited to; sand and gravel, recycled sand, and marine dredged sand.

Bruce BWB

Bruce offers a stand-alone water bath capable of separating light and heavy materials based on their density.

Its operator-friendly operation, and ability to be transported with ease makes the BWB a simple and cost-effective solution to separating a variety of infeed materials with accuracy and efficiency.

Bruce WashPod

The Bruce WashPod is a self-contained, compact wash plant that sits on a footprint of a single 40ft container. Capable of processing a variety of input materials, such as; sand and gravel, aggregate, C&D, crushed rock, utility waste, and contaminated soils. Material is fed into the WashPod where it is scrubbed clean, trash is removed with the resulting material then being further cleaned and sized into in-spec sand and aggregate products.

Bruce Wash Plant

Alongside its modular range of equipment, Bruce offers complete turn-key wash plant solutions. The larger plants incorporate aspects of their modular range into a full static plant.

These plants can be bespoke designed to suit specific requirements of the site, and of the input materials and desired finished products.

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