Screening is a key element within many material recovery/recycling processes. Giving users the ability to mechanically separate a range of input materials into different size fractions. The accuracy of the screening process is critical to the quality of the final products, and reclaimed materials.

CRJ is the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for leading manufacturer of screening machinery; Ecostar. They have invested in over 20 years of research and development to produce custom screening solutions for every kind of material. Offering both a static and mobile version, these advanced machines can be customised and configured to screen every kind of material with accuracy and efficiency.

Ecostar's patented technology 'Dynamic Disc Screening' used a series of hexagonal or octagonal disc shafts with a flat profile. Thanks to this particular shape, the material slides across the discs and is subjected to an up and down motion that separates the waste, with the screened materials falling through the spaces between the discs.

The shafts within the equipment are coated with a loose sleeve made of highly resistant material, which are independent of the rotation of the shaft itself. This system does not allow the long fibrous materials to become wrapped around the shafts, meaning that downtime for cleaning is considerably reduced.


Ecostar Screeners


Hexact is a static screener with Dynamic Disc Screening technology and modular structure.

Designed for those who require high performance, compact size and low power consumption. This equipment comes in 2 or 3-meter modules, which connect to match the client's operational needs. Each module can be set up to screen at different sizes, giving flexibility over the size of the output materials.

Ecostar Hextra

The Hextra is the ultra-efficient machine designed for those who require the operational flexibility of a mobile solution combined with the quality and precision of the exclusive Dynamic Disk Screening technology.

Hextra is available in 2 versions, tracked and hook lift. Both versions feature two or three screen fractions and 4000, 5000, 6000 and 7000mm screen length depending on operational requirements.


Nihot Debris Roll Screen

The BHS Debris Roll Screen® is a disc screener, using patented screening technology.

This proven, patented technology is the premiere sizing tool for Single Stream, Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste, wood waste, green waste, plastics, tires and various other materials. The unique Tri-Discs™ are in-line from shaft-to-shaft, creating a precise opening for highly-accurate sizing.

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