Weima - WLK Jumbo & Super Jumbo

The Weima WLK Jumbo and Super Jumbo are large static shredders designed for extreme tasks and maximum throughput. A variety of sizes and options guarantees customer-specific solutions for almost all applications. These machines boasts extremely robust construction and almost endless capabilities for the shredding of scrap. There are over 80 optional features, making this a customizable shredding solution for almost any application.

These shredders can be equipped with different rotor and knife sizes and designs, depending on the type of material being processed. The knives can be rotated to reduce wear costs. There are also three drive options (hydraulic, direct and electromechanical), which each offering specific advatages depending on your input material and desired output.



  • Hard Plastics
  • Paper and Cardboard
  • Film (Agricultural film, BOPP film, PVB film etc.)
  • Fibres (PA, Polyester, Aramid fibres, glass fibres and carbon fibres)
  • Pipes
  • Wood
  • Carpet / Textiles

Key Features + Options

  • Lift up screen basket: Pivoted hydraulically for easy maintenance access and change of screen basket. 
  • Segmented floor guidance: Precise guidance of ram, ideal for very thin material. 
  • Offset bearing: Dustproof, sturdy design. Maintenance firendly. 
  • Ram shock valve: Absorbe ram shocks and protects cylinders.
  • Control cabinet: Energy efficient size reduction and good usability with Siemens PLC control. 

Jumbo Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Feed Opening: 1500mm x 1880mm

Hopper volume: 4.5m³

Rotor Diameter: 500mm

Rotor Width: 1500mm

Motor output: 75-110 kW

Weight: 15,000kg

Super Jumbo Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Feed Opening: 1500mm x 1930mm

Hopper volume: 4.8

Rotor Diameter: 700mm

Rotor Width: 1500mm

Motor performance: 70 - 110 kW

Weight: 17,500kg

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