Jenz BA High-speed Shredders

JENZ BA Mobile high-speed Shredders

The JENZ BA range of mobile, diesel driven, high-speed shredders are the ideal machines for the shredding of organic waste, wood, biomass and tree roots. The range comprises the BA615D, BA916D and BA926D with their power ranging from 306hp - 625hp. The larger BA926D offers a twin-gear drive system where the engine power can be switched between 530hp - 625hp, depending on the waste application.

JENZ high-speed shredders can be set up with free-swinging hammers or with fixed hammers depending on the type of waste being shredded. The free-swinging hammers are ideal for the shredding of green waste and pre-shredded wood applications, whereas the fixed hammers can be deployed for harder to shred materials such as tree roots and timber.

Both free-swinging and fixed hammers can be set up on the same rotor, allowing users to customise their machine to their application with ease. To further optimise the final product, the shredding rotor can be arranged with 16 or 32 hammers, and various screening baskets can be fitted to determine the materials final fraction size.

The JENZ range of high-speed shredders come equipped with an IPS (Impact Protection System) which detects foreign objects and prevents consequential damage. As soon as a foreign object is detected, the clutch of the rotor is disengaged, and the infeed stops and begins to run backwards, liberating the object.

The JENZ BA range of shredders come as both wheeled hook-lift and tracked versions, allowing customers to select a mobile machine to fit their operational requirements.



  • Organic Waste
  • All grades of Wood
  • Biomass
  • Tree Roots

Key Features


  • Free swinging or fixed hammers.
  • Rotor speed control for optimum shredding.
  • The outfeed belt can be swivelled to one side to allow easy access to the shredding chamber.
  • Simple replacement of the 2-piece screening basket.
  • An extremely aggressive feed with a height-adjustable top roller.
  • Innovative 'Easy2' control system with remote control.
  • IPS impact protection system, with foreign object detection.
  • Tracked or hook-lift mobility.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Power: 306 HP / 225 kW

In-feed: 1200mm x 615mm

Loading length: 3800mm

Hopper volume: 4.5m²

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