Haas Arthos Static Hammermill

Haas Arthos Static Hammermill

Haas Arthos Static Hammermill

The Haas Arthos static hammermill avaliable from CRJ. The stationary Haas hammermill, formerly known as the HSZ, has been a popular secondary shredder within the hammermill sector for many years. Moreover, the system is in stationary use at many well-known power stations and in the chipboard industry worldwide and has proven itself for several thousand operating hours.

The static Arthos is the ideal solution for the crushing of waste wood, green waste, oversizes after screening, shavings, moulding shavings, biomass, PVC window frames, bulky and industrial waste, PVC profiles and pipes. Depending on the material and end product you desire, one can install special Haas hammers, counter knives, and screen basket-systems. Furthermore, the help of individually matched counter knives and screen basket-systems, will reduce the unwanted fine fraction to a minimum.

The special ballistic chute protects the hammermill from wear and machine breakage, by ejecting any foreign objects. Impurities like ferrous and non-ferrous metals etc., which make into the hammermill with the material had to be removed manually and very time consuming in the past. Another highlight of the HAAS hammermill is the very simple screen exchange as the machine can be opened hydraulically.

The range consists of 4 models; the Arthos 1000-E, 1300-E, 1600-E and 2000-E. The number denotes the size (mm) of the infeed area of each model.


  • Wood
  • Green / Organic Waste
  • Biomass
  • Bark
  • Plastics
  • C&I (commercial and industrial) Waste
  • Bulky Waste
  • PVC Profiles / Plastic Window Frames
*All input material must be pre-shredded.

Key Features + Options

  • Consistent product size from <30 – <100 mm - depending on tool configuration and screen system (according to user requirements).

  • Resistant against impurities - Due to flexible swinging hammers.

  • Ballistic Chute - Impurities are automatically ejected

  • Easy Screen Change System - Screen exchange in shortest time due to hydraulically opening screen basket

  • Effortless Exchange - of hammers and hammer shafts

  • Special HAAS Hammer - and counter-knife combinations minimise the fine fraction

  • Sturdy Construction - Downtimes will be minimised and costs reduced

  • Homogeneous end product - and exposure of ferrous and non-ferrous parts

  • Very Quiet - even with high performance

  • Low Fuel Consumption

Technical Specification + Throughput

Technical Specification

Power:  90 - 200 kW

Infeed Width: 1000mm

Infeed Height: 1200mm

Rotor: ∅1200mm



Various Waste Streams: up to 18tph*

*Throughput based on an average grain size of 60 - 80mm with a normal and continuously feeding and average degree of impurities.

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