Industrial Shredder Sales

Industrial Shredder Sales

Industrial Shredder Sales

Shredder sales from CRJ. Industrial waste shredders play a key role in many different material recovery/recycling processes. Breaking down bulk material and waste into specified sizes. This material can then be sent for further processing, or used to create saleable products.

CRJ is a UK and Ireland distributor for world-leading manufacturers of shredding machinery, HAAS Recycling Systems and Weima. Both manufacturers come with the reassuring stamp of German engineering. Meaning these robust machines have a quality build and incorporate the latest shredding technology.




HAAS Shredders


The Haas Tyron series of shredder is the most powerful twin-shaft slow speed shredder in the market.

The Tyron is available as both a static or tracked mobile version. These versatile pre-shredders are the ideal first stage of many material recovery/recycling processes. The Tyron comes in various sizes and configurations to suit your application and desired output.


The developers at Haas have succeeded in adapting the popular static Haas Hammermill into a tracked mobile version.

Both the static and mobile hammermills are the ideal solution for the crushing of waste wood, green waste, oversizes after screening, bulky industrial waste and much more.




WEIMA Shredders


The Weima Pre-Cut is a robust pre-shredder. An ideal first step in a multi-stage waste processing system with high throughput.

This industrial shredder can shred various waste streams down to between 150-400mm. Ensuring optimum preconditioning of materials for further processing such as sorting, classification and separation.


The Weima Powerline industrial shredder is a universal single shaft shredder, capable of dealing with a wide range of input material.

It's versatility means it can operate as a high throughput secondary shredder in multi-stage processing or as a single stage solution for pre-sorted material.


The Weima Fine-Cut shredder is a high output secondary single shaft industrial shredder.

It’s the perfect industrial shredding solution due to high rotor speeds and is ideal for multi-stage processing. The Fine-Cut shredder offers a great solution for producing quality RDF materials. Offering three drive options; hydraulic, direct and power belt drive, making it flexible and adaptable for varying needs.

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