Conveying systems are commonplace in the material processing industry. Allowing material to be transported between processes, and once fully processed, they can be used to stockpile materials in vast quantities with ease.

When using a radial telescopic stacker, there is a reduction in separation, degradation and contamination, ensuring ‘in specification’ material.

CRJ is the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for a leading manufacturer of conveying machinery; KMK Engineering, who offer a radial telescopic stacker, capable of dealing with a full range of materials.

KMK Engineering Conveyor

KMK Engineering ST36-140 Radial Telescopic Stacker

The KMK Engineering ST36-140 is a radial telescopic stacker with a radial arc of 270°. It can be operated in both automatic and manual mode.

Automatic mode utilises a series of sensors to identify the height of stacked material and adjusts its own height and angle to accommodate.

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