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JENZ supplies a market-leading range of mobile chippers for the chipping of biomass, timber and shrubs. The mobile chipper range comprises the Chippertrucks, Hyrbid Chippertrucks, PTOs, Trailers, Tracked and static electric versions to ensure you receive the best-equipped machine for your operational requirements. The manoeuvrability of any chipper is key to its performance and suitability to its working environment. CRJ Services will assist you in choosing the correct chassis, loading system and power supply for your chipper, to ensure you achieve optimum results.

Many of the versions come fitted with a long reach loading crane, removing the need for additional machinery for feeding. The outfeed chute of the chipper is hydraulically adjusted and can be rotated to load in almost all directions.

JENZ Chipper Trucks

The JENZ range of chipper trucks come in two sizes; HEM583R and HEM593R, with the 593R having a larger infeed area. The HEM-R chippertruck is available with two cabin options, the standard HGV cabin and the Cobra cabin. The standard HGV cabin is fixed in place and has two seats, one for driving and a second in the reverse position for operating the chipper.

JENZ Hybrid Chipper Trucks

JENZ has introduced a hybrid chipper truck to their range, utilising both an electric motor and diesel engine for power. The hybrid chipper truck reduced the reliance on diesel and offers customers a greener alternative to the standard chipper truck range.


The JENZ PTO range of chippers offers users a compact and cost-effective chipping solution. The HEM Z range comes in 4 sizes, HEM561Z, HEM583Z, HEM593Z and HEM841Z. The range offers customers varying infeed sizes, throughput capabilities and power to suit your operational requirements.

JENZ Chipper Trailers

The JENZ chipper also comes as a trailer version, offering customers a large draw-in area, for continuous feeding using an external loading machine. The trailered chippers come in various sizes, HEM540DL, HEM561DL, HEM583DL and the HEM820DL with varying infeed dimensions and power requirements.

JENZ Tracked Chippers

The JENZ range of chippers also comes as a self-propelled tracked version, offering customers full manoeuvrability around site without the need for a towing vehicle. The tracked chippers come in three sizes, the HEM540DL, HEM561DL and the HEM820DL. The tracked versions boast large draw-in feed areas, allowing for the processing of bulky material.

JENZ Stationary Chippers

The JENZ range of chippers is available as a static electric installation. The range comprises three sizes of stationary chipper, HE360StA, HE561StA and HE700StA, varying in infeed size, chipping capabilities and power requirement.

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