Sorting Machinery Hire

Sorting Machinery Hire.


Sorting machinery hire from CRJ. Ever-increasing landfill costs are dictating the specific sorting of waste streams into separate recyclables for future use. We can provide a cost-effective and convenient solution with our range of sorting machinery.

We have invested in our hire fleet with sorting equipment from industry-leading brands. These include Picking Stations, Windshifters, Eddy Current Separators and Water Baths from brands such as Kiverco, Steelweld and Bruce. This equipment offers a clean and efficient separation of various waste streams, through their utilization of the latest technology.

Our picking stations come in various configurations & sizes. We can integrate air separation technology onto the infeed of the material stream. In addition, they offer a safe and comfortable environment for staff.

The eddy current separators are the ideal solution for liberating ferrous and non-ferrous from waste streams. They are suitable for a wide range of applications. From the recovery of small non-ferrous metals, to larger scrap metal.

Our air separation machinery is capable of providing customers with an accurate split of material based on weight. Users can adjust the airflow to suit different waste applications.

All of the sorting equipment is fully mobile. Allowing ease of access to even the most difficult sites. They can easily integrate into an existing process, thanks to their low infeed height. They can also be set up in tandem with other machinery from our hire fleet, to create an efficient processing sequence.


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Sorting Equipment Hire