Slow-Speed Shredder Hire

Slow-Speed Shredder Hire

CRJ offer slow-speed shredder hire with the Haas Tyron and Doppstadt DW3060. Long and short term hire contracts are available. As the name suggests, these slow speed shredders have twin or single shafts that operate at low revolutions per minute (rpm). Our slow-speed shredders are commonly used for volume reduction. Alternatively they can be used for the pre-shredding of bulky or contaminated wastes to aid processing and recovery.

These shredders help our customers to produce uninformed waste products. In order to create recycled materials, energy and divert waste from landfill. Our shredders can handle the most difficult of waste. This is due to its built-in damage protection features and heavy-duty, wear-resistant parts. All of our shredders are mobile, easy to operate and benefit from quick to set-up times. Also, we can tailor performance and shred size to suit your particular application and requirements.

Slow-speed shredders are usually supplied on a self-drive basis. However an operator can be supplied if required. It can be operated by a single person, and we'll carry out a thorough safety and instructional handover. Thus giving you peace of mind that your staff know exactly what's what.

Looking to produce a smaller shred size, with larger throughput? Our High-Speed Shredders may be of interest.

Slow-Speed Shredder Hire Options:

Key Features:

  • Versatile. Processes a wide variety of wastes, including bulky and contaminated waste.
  • Robust. Thanks to heavy-duty build with built-in protection features.
  • Low Running Costs. Due to low wear and fuel costs.
  • Overband Magnet. For the purpose of metal liberation.
  • Straight Forward. Easy to set up, operate and maintain.
  • One man operation.
  • Premium brand.
  • Quality Fire Suppression System.

"CRJ always provide excellent customer service & go further than most companies when it comes to individual requirements”

John Stobbart, Anglian Water

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