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Henshaws Envirocare Ltd is a waste management company based in Macclesfield, Cheshire. They offer a complete range of services for domestic, commercial, and industrial waste.


As a result of their skip hire and trade waste services, Henshaws receive a lot of construction and demolition waste which needs to be processed to segregate the various materials for reclaim and further processing.


Henshaws use a deck screener with a three-way split as the initial stage of separation. The waste is split into three fractions: sub 20mm fines, 20 – 75mm mid-size and then an oversize fraction. The mid-size fraction then requires further sorting into light and heavy fractions. This enables the heavy fraction to be used as a hardcore product back into the construction industry, with the light fraction sent out for further processing.

Having previously worked with Henshaws to provide waste processing solutions, CRJ Services were contacted for a resolution to Henshaws lights and heavies processing requirement. Following a site visit from Mike Symons – Area Sales Manager at CRJ Services, to inspect the material and discuss specific operational needs, it was agreed that the Steelweld Rotary AST 1500 air separator would be the ideal machine to provide an accurate separation of the mid-size material. 

The Steelweld Rotary AST1500 is a compact, mobile density separator which uses 2 blower fans to accurately separate material based on its density. It benefits from a fully adjustable feed belt, air system and air knife allowing for optimal separation control.

The mobile unit comes tracked for easy movement around site. It is powered by either an on-board generator or a customer’s mains via an interlock switch for flexibility of operation.

“We have been very impressed with the density separator supplied by CRJ. The unit is easy to set up and operate and provides an accurate separation of our mid-sized C&D material.”

James Henshaw

Transport Manager

Henshaws Envirocare Ltd

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