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Biowise Ltd (trading as Wastewise) is a leading waste management company, based in East Yorkshire. They specialise in the recovery of valuable raw materials from waste, and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to the local authority waste contracts, they hold in Yorkshire, they have recently won a 15-year, £30 million contract with Cheshire East Council to receive and treat food and garden waste at their Crewe facility.

As part of this contract, Wastewise has designed, built, and now operates a £7m state-of-the-art IVC (In-vessel Composting) Facility on the Council owned site in Leighton Grange.


After winning additional organic waste processing contracts, Wastewise needed to increase their shredding throughputs at the Crewe site. Their new shredder needed to shred around 75,000 tonnes of organic waste each year, which was not achievable with their previous shredder.

Having previously provided solutions for Wastewise, CRJ Services was again asked to consult and provide an appropriate resolution to their shredding requirements.


As the sole distributor for HAAS Recycling Solutions in the UK and Ireland, CRJ proposed the HAAS TYRON as the ideal shredder for their organic waste material.

The HAAS TYRON is a powerful, twin-shaft, slow-speed shredder renowned in the waste and material processing industries for its low running costs and ease of maintenance. It offers a range of tooling configurations, shedding programs and options to customise the machine to specific materials and operational requirements.

The twin shafts are independently driven, which greatly decreases the occurrence of material wrapping around the shafts and enables the shafts to self-clean. This unique HAAS twin shaft system reduces wear and downtime in comparison to pre-shredders with synchronised single shafts.

One of Wastewise’s main objectives was to reduce the amount of time spent clearing blockages. The TYRON benefits from two independently driven shafts, which can reverse and automatically detect blockages. Once a blockage is detected, the shafts will continue to try and shred the contents of the shredding chamber for a minimum of 3 attempts (can be manually increased). If unsuccessful, the shafts will reverse, and liberate any material causing the blockage.

The recently upgraded TYRON also sees the introduction of foldable side panels, which allows for direct ground access to the shredding chamber. Side access removes the risk of someone having to enter the shredding chamber for maintenance and hard facing. HAAS has also improved access to the hydraulic and engine compartments of the machine, making it easier and safer to conduct maintenance and servicing.

We spoke with Bob Wilkes, Operations and Development Director at Wastewise to discuss their new shredder. When asked why the TYRON was selected over other options, he stated: “Reliability and throughput tonnages were two key factors for us. The anti-blocking feature and dealer support also convinced us to go with the HAAS”.

With the introduction of the new generation TYRON 2000 into their facility, Wastewise have seen throughputs averaging at 60tph, a 20-30% increase compared to their previous shredder.

We asked Bob how the TYRON had improved their operation. “We have been very impressed with the TYRON. We’ve seen improved throughput of material through the reception hall, as well as a better shred of larger items of feedstock, which allows for better composting. There has also been a better split of the more valuable compost fraction at the end of the process, because of a more consistent shred.”

CRJ work closely with Wastewise on a number of projects to ensure that we achieve the most efficient process capacity for our various contracts. The recent successful purchase of the Haas Tyron is no exception. Through initial enquiry, site visits, recommendations and demonstrations, CRJ has provided expert knowledge and support in integrating this new shredder into our new Crewe facility. The backup service matches the pre purchase service and the Haas Tyron is a great addition to the site.

Bob Wilkes, Operations Director

Wastewise Ltd

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