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Amey PLC is a UK based infrastructure support service provider. Founded in 1921, initially as an Oxfordshire based quarry operator, the company has grown substantially through various acquisition. Amey PLC now operate various divisions including utilities, environmental and waste services, facilities management, engineering, transport, defence and justice.

Amey work in partnership with local councils to delivery waste and environmental services, and manage waste and recycling facilities on their behalf, throughout the UK. 

At their Cambridgeshire facility, Amey provide a complete waste management service for the local authorities, businesses, residents and public services. Their 165-hectare waste management park offers a range of services aiming to promote recycling and reduce landfill. 

Through their long-term contract with Cambridgeshire County Council, Amey have the responsibility of treating the green and general waste produced by local residents. Various waste sorting / processing and composting technologies are used within the site to ensure as much of the waste is recycled as possible, reducing the amount going to landfill. 


As part of the contract with Cambridgeshire County Council, Amey receive and process the green waste produced by local residents. In order to utilise all this material, Amey will process and separate the compost into varying sizes / qualities. 

The first stage involves the green waste being organised into ‘windrows’ and left for 5 weeks whilst the composting process starts to organically break down the material.  

Following the 5-week process, the material is fed into an initial trommel screener fitted with a 12mm drum. The finest material (sub 12mm) is extracted through this process and is then offered as a ‘soil conditioner’ free to local residents. 

The remaining material (over 12mm) will then need the sub 20mm extracting from it, which is used within Amey’s 400-acre site to re-condition their own soil. This stage of the processing would need to be conducted in limited space, and in tandem with the first trommel screen. 


In 2011, Amey PLC came to CRJ Services for a hire solution to their processing challenge. After discussing their operational requirements with our expert hire team, it was agreed that a Doppstadt SM518 fitted with a 20mm drum would be able to successfully extract the desired sub 20mm compost from the remaining material. 

CRJ promptly delivered the SM518 to site, and gave a thorough handover to the Amey staff, who were then able to safely operate the machine themselves, thanks to its multi-function remote control. 

The compact nature of the SM518 would suit Amey Cespa, due to their restricted processing space. It’s also able to be directly fed by Amey’s first trommel, removing the need to manually feed the second trommel, speeding up the process, and reducing costs. 

Fast forward 8 years, and CRJ Services have built a great relationship with Amey PLC. We are still supporting their operation with the hire of a Doppstadt SM518 trommel and have been doing so continuously ever since their first hire back in 2011.

We went to check in with Kiel Porter – Operations Manager at Amey Cespa to capture some footage of the Doppstadt SM518 at work, and to get his thoughts on CRJ Services as a hirer of machinery. 

We have been dealing with CRJ for many years. They run a very good service with good machines and quick service if you ever have a break down, so why go anywhere else, would definitely recommend them.

Kiel Porter, Operations Manager

Amey Cespa Ltd

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