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Kiverco DS150 Hire

Kiverco DS150 hire from CRJ. The compact DS150 has been designed to efficiently seperate material into usable fractions, using the latest in air separation technology. The self-contained DS150 greatly reduces the amount of materail that needs to be send to landfill, delivering considerable savings in areas where landfill taxes and transport costs are high.

The DS150 offers quick set up, with no cranes needed during set up. It can efficiently separate materail into heavy materail for use as a secondary construction materail, and ligh waste for RDF for similar use. It benefits from windows into the machine, so that you can monitor the material flow and adjust accordingly. Thanks to its twin recirculating air blowers, the closed loop system maximises sepration performance and recovery and also minimises dust.


  • Green waste
  • Organic waste
  • Biomass
  • Shredded Wood
  • Household waste
  • General waste
  • Industrial and commercial waste
  • Construction and demolition waste

Key Features


Splitter Drum: To aid the separation of heavies and lights. 


Accelerator Belt: Fully Adjustable 1500mm wide accelerator belt.


Fans: 2 x Twin recirculating air blowers. 


Viewing Windows: Allowing monitoring of separation process and material flow. 



Electric Control PanelEasy to operate with an externally mounted VSDS. 


Hydraulics: Hydraulic powered adjustable jack leg system. 


Power: Intergrated diesel / electric generator with mains electric plugin avaliable. 

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Weight: 11,000kg

Accelerator Belt: Adjustable 1500mm wide plain speed adjustable. 

Lights Fraction Conveyor: 1.2m long with a 4.0m discharge height. 

Heavies Fraction Conveyor: 1m long with a 3.75, discharge height. 


Working Dimensions

Length: 9.2m

Width: 7m

Height: 4.5m

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