Morbark Wood Hog Hire

Morbark Wood Hog Hire

CRJ run both the Morbark 3200 & 3400 Wood Hog, in our hire fleet. These machines are compact horizontal high-speed shredders, aimed at wood and green waste market. They are an ideal solution for longer lengths of wood and green waste. They can shred logs up to a diameter of 36cm, with the shredding chamber arrangement similar to that of a hammermill. It has a live floor infeed system, that automatically grips material and brings it to the shredding chamber entrance.

All Wood Hogs come standard with the Morbark Integrated Control System (MICS) to maximize production and engine efficiency. They come equipped with a magnetised end pulley, separating ferrous metal from the final product. You also get the benefit of an inbuilt dust suppression system.

The Wood Hogs come fitted with crawler tracks, allowing easy manoeuvrability around site. The speed of the live infeed can be adjusted, to suit your specific application. Its driveline protection system protects against major damage from contaminants. You can exchange the gate easily and quickly, thanks to the hydraulic door. The outfeed belt expells material at a height of 3.8m, ideal for stockpiling of material.

The shredding system is made up of a heavy-duty rotor, 8 hammer retaining rods, 18 balanced forged hammers, 18 double-edged inserts and 18 rakers.


  • Trees / Logs.
  • Waste Wood.
  • Green Waste.
  • Organic Waste.
  • C&D Waste.

Key Features


Infeed: Variable speed infeed system, using a live floor. Equipped with four WDH-110 chains which pull material to shredding chamber. 


Hammermill: The system comprises of the rotor, 18 hammers, 18 double-edged inserts and 18 rakers. 


Grate Change: Hydraulic hinged door. Allowing quick and easy access for changing the grate. 


Fan: Automatic reversing fan system. 


Dust: Dust suppression system. 


Remote Control: Remote control. Including a tethered back-up system. 


End Pully: Magnetised end-pully with collecting slide tray. Allowing ferrous metal to be removed from the output material. 


Air Compressor: 11HP air compressor with a lockable enclosure. 

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Power: 540 - 765 HP

Working Length: 16,660mm

Working Width: 3,280mm

Working Height: 4,930mm

Weight: 31,751kg

Infeed Opening: 1,450mm x 965mm

Screen Area: 20,742cm²

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