Steelweld Rotary AST

The Mobile HAAS TYRON is the most powerful, twin-shaft, slow speed shredder in the industry. It is able to shred a wide range of materials and waste, and its versatility is matched only by its strong performance, boasting an aggressive infeed and impressive throughput stats.

The Mobile HAAS TYRON has 4 variations, with the power and size of the shredding chamber varying across the range to suit a wide range of applications and operational requirements. The

The defining feature of these machines is their independently driven twin shaft set up which allows for greater control over the output size. The shaft rotation speed and direction can be adjusted to optimise the output product. There is a range of preset settings for Wood, General Waste and Organic Waste as well as a variable setting which can be manually adjusted to suit your requirements. The ability to reverse both shafts independently also protects the shredder against wrapping of long fibrous material, meaning a reduction in downtime spent cleaning the machine / clearing blockages.


  • C & D Reclaim
  • Shredded Waste
  • Compost
  • Biomass
  • Shredded Wood

Key Features

  • Horizontal vibratory feeder

  • Low feed height

  • Fully adjustable 1500mm wide accelerator belt with speed control

  • 5.5kW x2 blower fans with accurate air flow control

  • A recirculating dust control system

  • 2 integrated inclined discharge conveyors with hydraulic folding

  • Removable dust covers over vibratory feeder and lights conveyor

  • Onboard hydraulic power pack for crawler tracks control and hydraulic folding

  • Powered by an onboard 65kW generator or via main electricity (customer supplied) via an interlock switch

  • Onboard air compressor to allow cleaning of the machine

  • Onboard working lights

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Power: 65 Kva Perkins Diesel Generator

Pan Feeder: 2460mm long x 1400mm wide

Accelerator Belt: 1500mm wide (speed adjustable)

Lights Fraction Belt: 800mm wide chevron

Heavies Fraction Belt: 800mm wide chevron

Blower Fan: 2 x 5.5kW (11Kw total) adjustable air control

Transport Dimensions: 8200mm (L) x 2900mm (W) x 3200mm (H)

Weight: 12,000kg (Est.)

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