Ecostar - Hexact

Hexact is Ecostar’s static screening machine with patented Dynamic Disc Screening technology and modular structure. Designed for those who require high performance, compact size and low power consumption.

Modular: The screen length of the Hexact starts at 2 meters. This can be increased with two or three-meter modular sections. This system allows the user to adapt the capacity and size of the machine to their operational needs.

Productive: The Hexact can screen materials faster (1m/sec), using less space and achieving productivity of up to 200 tph. These features bring a considerable increase in revenues from the sale of recycled materials. Also, the use of higher quality components compared to market standards guarantees maximum reliability and reduces maintenance costs.

Efficient: Dynamic Disk Screening technology uses 7.5 kW electric motors to power the shafts. This makes the Hexact very cost-effective in terms of power consumption, saving up to 70% when compared to traditional screening systems.


  • Wood
  • Incinerator Ashes
  • Inerts
  • Green / Organic Waste
  • RDF
  • Biomass
  • Compost
  • Paper & Cardboard
  • MSW (municipal solid waste)
  • C&I (commercial and industrial) Waste
  • Tyres
  • Car Fluff
  • PET

Key Features

  • Patented Dynamic Disc Screening Technology

  • Modular Design

  • Screening Speed Variation

  • Anti Wrapping System

  • Screening sizes range from 10 - 350mm

Technical Specification + Throughput

Technical Specification

Power: 1 x 7.5 kW

Working Length: 2000mm

Working Width: 1600mm

Total Width: 2300mm

Total Height: 1270mm

Weight: 3T



Wood: up to 200tph

Incinerator Ashes: up to 100tph

Inerts: up to 250tph

Green / Organic Waste: up to 60tph

RDF: up to 60tph

Biomass: up to 200tph

Compost: up to 100tph

Paper & Cardboard: up to 20tph

MSW (municipal solid waste): up to 100tph

C&I (commercial and industrial) Waste: up to 100tph

Tyres: up to 25tph

Car Fluff: up to 60tph

PET: up to 20tph

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