Doppstadt SM620

The Doppstadt SM620 trommel (drum) screen uses a rotating drum to separate material based on its size. The machine is very similar to the SM518, with the 620 having a longer drum, and is slightly more powerful to account for the larger trommel. We have numerous SM620's within our hire fleet, and hold a large stock of varying drum sizes to suit the needs of your operation.

They are extremely mobile machines and can be easily operated by a single person. The hydraulically controlled discharge conveyors are easy to set up and can be ready to go in less than five minutes. Each trommel is supplied with a rotating hydraulically controlled brush, which cleans the trommel as it rotates.

The SM620 has a 2.0m diameter trommel, with a length of 5.5m. We can supply drum sizes from 5-100mm.


  • Green waste
  • Organic waste
  • Soil/Stone/Sand
  • Biomass
  • Wood
  • Household waste
  • General waste
  • Industrial and commercial waste
  • Construction and demolition waste
  • Tyres

Key Features


Continuous Feed: By means of load-sensing material infeed. 


Easy Maintenance: Swing-out drive unit for easy maintenance. 


Easy Change: Quick and easy trommel change. 


Cleaning: Hydraulically controlled cleaning brush. 



OperationCan be operated by a single person. 


Remote ControlMulti-funcation remote control for easy operation. 


Fire Suppression: Quality fire suppression system fitted.

Technical Specification + Throughput

Technical Specification

Power: 92 HP / 68 kW

Trommel: ∅2,000mm x 5,500mm

Length: 11,810mm

Width: 2,550mm

Height: 4,000mm

Weight: 17 T



Waste Wood / Biomass: up to 80 t/h*

Green / Organic Waste: up to 80 t/h*

RDF: up to 80 t/h*

Sand/Soil/Stone: up to 80 t/h*

General / MSW: up to 80 t/h*


*Depending on the final product, tooling and configuration.

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