Neuenhauser SuperScreener

The Neuenhauser SuperScreener is a robust star screener, capable of screening a wide range of materials including stone, clay, construction waste, soil and more general waste to name a few. As the material moves over the star bed it is subject to an up and down motion, whereby the particles rub and grate against each other removing clay and loose materials and thereby cleaning the material as it is screened.

The small particles, eg clay will pass through the opening between the stars onto the side conveyor. Larger particles will continue along the screen deck and onto the oversize belt. Particle sizes can easily be changed by increasing or decreasing the speed of the screen deck.

Using a standard screen deck of 1.250 mm wide and 6.900 mm long outputs of up to 350 tons or 400 cubic metres per hour can be achieved.



  • Clay
  • Mineral Conditioning
  • Green waste
  • Organic waste
  • Soil/Stone/Sand
  • Biomass Conditioning
  • Wood
  • Household waste
  • General waste
  • Industrial and commercial waste
  • Construction and demolition waste

Key Features


Hard To Screen Materials: High throughput of difficult to screen materials. 


Easy Screen Change: Easy and fast changing of star screen decks. 


Set Up: Quick and easy to set up. 



Stockpiling: High clearance for stockpiling under the fines and oversize belts. 


Variable Speed: Continuous variable speed control of the star screen decks and belts. 


Range of 'Stars': Various star sizes and shapes for different materials. 

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Power: 172 HP / 129 kW


Working Dimensions

Length: 16,000mm

Width: 4,300mm

Height: 4,100mm


Stockpile Height

Tail: 4,100mm

Side: 3,600mm

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