Somerford Park Farm Case Study

Somerford Park Farm CASE STUDY


Somerford Park Farm, established in 1976, is one of the leading equestrian centres in the UK. Offering a range of equestrian services, such as international horse trials, and premier league dressage events, Somerford maintain their facilities to the highest standard. As part of their facility, they offer ‘The Farm Ride’ where riders can bring their horses and ride around the 7 miles of beautifully landscaped countryside.


Maintaining the 7 miles of horse friendly track provides some challenges, as potholes and uneven ground can become hazardous for the horses. To combat this, the team at Somerford re-sand the track to fill potholes and level out the ground. As this sand is to be ridden on, it is important to remove any stones and foreign objects before it is laid, to ensure it won’t cause any harm to the horses’ hooves.

Track Images


Somerford got in touch with CRJ Services’ knowledgeable hire team to take advantage of the short 3-day hire we offer on all Doppstadt SM518trommel screeners. As there was only a relatively small amount of sand to process, the 3-day hire agreement provided Somerford Park Farm with a cost-effective solution and they were able to screen their material without an unnecessarily long hire contract.

CRJ Services promptly delivered the Doppstadt SM518, along with a 15mm screening drum, which would sufficiently remove any stones and foreign objects from the sand. Take a look at how the Doppstadt SM518 performed in the below video.

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