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Levenseat Ltd is a recycling and resource management company based in central Scotland. They have 30 years of industry experience where they have built a reputation for reliability and innovation.

Their varied operations mean they are able to process, recover and recycle a wide range of waste streams including, MSW (black bag), commercial & industrial, organic, wood, tyres, aggregates, sludge, contaminated soil and waste water.

Levenseat have recently developed a new waste treatment facility which consists of an advanced materials recovery facility (MRF) and a combined heat and power plant. This new plant delivers the optimum solution to recover value from the residual waste and maximise the diversion of waste from Landfill.

This new MRF together with their wider established facility means they are delivering the largest integrated facility in Scotland.


With such varied waste streams being processed, there are many stages and processes which the waste must go though in order to produce a high-spec refuse derived fuel (RDF) output.

The incoming waste is first processed for the removal of waste electronic and electrical equipment (WEEE) and wood, through a picking station. The remaining waste is then shred down and dried before having over 90% of the sub 10mm fines removed from the stream. The resulting waste is then processed to remove both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastic, film and paper. They are now left with the material which will be used to produce the fuel. Before processing this fuel, the material is further shred to sub 100mm, which creates more fines.

For Levenseat Ltd to produce high-spec fuel, they need to control the volume of sub 10mm fines so that their final RDF output is within the required specification.


Levenseat got in touch with CRJ Services to discuss their challenge. CRJ Services’ team were able to identify Levenseat’s requirements and suggest a suitable machine to complete their final stage of fines removal.

It was agreed that a mobile Doppstadt SM518 trommel screen would be able to remove the desired level of fines from their stream and feed the remaining waste into the materials recovery facility.

Your can see CRJ Services solution – The Doppstadt SM518 in action at Levenseats new MRF in the below video.

When asked about the support they had received from CRJ Services, David Quinn – MRF Manager replied “Excellent, in particular Sylvia and Rachel have worked with and helped us enormously.”

Rob Symons, Sales Director at CRJ Services added, “We pride ourselves not only on our top of the range waste processing machinery, but the knowledge we hold within our team that can be leaned on to troubleshoot challenges our customers face.”

I would absolutely recommend CRJ Services as a machinery solutions provider.

David Quinn, MRF Manager

Levenseat Ltd

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