Aintree Racecourse Source CRJ Services Shredder for Grand National Spruce Shredding

The Jockey Club, who own 15 racecourses throughout the UK, has brought in CRJ Services to shred the old spruce that has been used to top the fences of the past few Grand Nationals at Aintree Racecourse.

The spruce is used to give the horses and jockeys some leniency when clearing the fences at the world famous Grand National. As this material is replaced each year, and due to the sheer number of fences used within the race, the Jockey Club had built up a large collection of waste brash that could be shredded and utilised as mulch across the racecourse.

Mark Aynsley – Head Groundsman at Aintree Racecourse - approached CRJ Services for a solution after passing one of our shredders on the M6. Following a visit to our website, Mark contacted CRJ Services to discuss his requirement, and the AK565 was chosen as the suitable machine for the job.

Our high-speed shredders can be hired with an operator, which is ideal for customers who wouldn’t necessarily have experience in operating this type of machinery, such as The Jockey Club.

We operate several Doppstadt high-speed shredders in our fleet which can be utilised for an array of volume reduction applications. To complement the shredders, we have a range of gates from 40 - 300mm, that can be used to produce the exact particle size required.

During the hire, CRJ Services’ Tom McLaren went to visit Mark Aynsley to see how the shredder was performing, and to capture footage of the shredder in action, which can be seen via the QR code below.

“The service we have received from CRJ Services has been excellent and very efficient. Being our first time using such a service, we have found the knowledge and support from CRJ Services to be very helpful. The shredder itself is performing well and producing a material they we can recycle and reuse around our estate at Aintree.”

Mark Aynsley – Head Groundsman at Aintree Racecourse.

Our high-speed shredders are available on short and long term hire and can be supplied with an operator if required. They are versatile machines and can be deployed to shred a wide range of materials, such as green waste, biomass, waste wood, household waste, UPVC, and a variety of pre-shredded materials to produce graded products.

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