AKS Skip Hire Choose The HAAS TYRON for C&D Shredding

AKS Skip Hire Services Ltd is a family run skip hire business based in Norwich. They supply over 600 skips across their region and offer a tipping service at their waste transfer station.

AKS recycle 100% of the material they receive, 85% of which is done on-site, with the remaining 15% used by a local power station as fuel. They process a range of waste streams with the majority being construction and demolition waste.

As the company continues to grow and increase the tonnages of waste they process, the decision was taken to purchase a shredder that could reduce the volume of bulky C&D waste on-site. The shredder needed to be able to reduce the bulk of the waste, while producing a consistent particle size than can be easily picked through their picking line.

“The new shredder was needed as we had increasing volumes of waste coming in to our site. We have found that shredding the waste down allows us to process it quicker through our picking line. As with all transfer stations, I think you always tend to need more room, and this way we can control the volumes of waste on site and process the material quicker.”

As CRJ Services had an existing relationship with AKS, they were once again consulted on the purchase of AKS’s new shredder. Keven Nixon, director at AKS Skip Hire had several machines come to site for demonstrations, including the HAAS TYRON 2000XL 2.0 provided by CRJ.

“I looked at two or three different types of machine, and the HAAS was the best value for money. The demonstration was good, and (CRJ’s) team came to site and did a good demo for me, which swung my decision.  The machine did exactly what I wanted it to do. I tried every material I needed to, and it performed above expectations.”

Keven Nixon – Director at AKS Skip Hire Services

The HAAS TYRON is an incredibly versatile machine, which is perfect for AKS who processes various waste streams on site. The independently driven twin shafts have a number of settings for different waste streams, which allows the customer to switch the materials being shred in a matter of minutes.

The recently upgraded HAAS TYRON also new benefits from a hydraulically height adjustable neodymium magnet. Having the ability to adjust the height of the magnet quickly, allows users to optimise magnetic separation across the various materials.

Not only does the HAAS TYRON boast impressive performance, but it is also very easy and time-efficient to maintain. This is in part down to the ground level access to the underneath of the shredding chamber, as well as the upgraded shredding chamber itself.

The TYRON has also increased the amount of space around the engine and hydraulic compartments, making daily checks and servicing easier and quicker.

“It is still early days as we have only had the machine for 3 or 4 weeks, but so far so good. The machine is performing well, and the back up has been great. We have also had the telematics (online monitoring) and fire suppression fitted, so we are all up and running, and everything is going well at the moment.”

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