Hire turns to sale as Country Clean Recycling don’t want to let shredder go.

Country Clean Recycling is a waste management company based in Co. Cork, Ireland.

Established in 1990 as a domestic waste collection service, Country Clean now employees over 90 people over three locations, including a materials recycling facility in Co. Cork.

Following a series of company takeovers, Country Clean has diversified its offering and now provides both domestic and commercial waste collection, as well as skip hire division. As a result, Country Clean see a lot of bulky waste returned predominantly from their skip hire waste stream.

Country Clean needed to shred this bulky waste to bale it, ready for further processing/offloading. CRJ Services were approached for a solution, and Damian Casey – CRJ’s Area Sales Manager for Ireland visited Country Clean Recycling to conduct an inspection of the waste and consult on their specific operational requirements.

The HAAS TYRON is a powerful, twin-shaft, slow-speed shredder renowned in the waste and material processing industries for its low running costs and ease of maintenance.

The twin shafts are independently driven, which greatly decreases the occurrence of material wrapping around the shafts and enables the shafts to self-clean. This unique HAAS twin shaft system produces a consistent shredded material, and reduces wear and downtime in comparison to pre-shredders with synchronised shafts.

Country Clean were looking to replace their aging Komptech Terminator 3400, and began hiring the HAAS TYRON in February 2020, after trialling various other shredders. David O’Regan – Director at Country Clean Recycling said: “We had experience of a few different shredders, but the Haas led the way.” When asked about the performance of the TYRON, David explained; “We are seeing around 25tph of throughput from the HAAS on our very bulky dry material.”

The recently upgraded TYRON also sees the introduction of foldable side panels, which allows for direct ground access to the shredding chamber. Side access mitigates the risk of someone having to enter the shredding chamber for maintenance and hard facing. HAAS have also improved access to the hydraulic and engine compartment of the machine, making it easier and safer to conduct maintenance and servicing.

Country Clean Recycling were so impressed with the machine, that following the six-month hire, they didn’t want to let it go. As the hire agreement was coming to an end, Country Clean proposed the purchase of the hire machine, which was subsequently sold to them in August.

David summed up the machine quite nicely; “In my experience the HAAS is a pure bull of a machine, you put in the stuff and she makes it disappear!”

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