Haas Tyron Shredder increases throughput by 50% for Parry and Evans Ltd

The Customer

Parry and Evans Ltd is a family run recycling business located in Wales. The business was founded in Welshpool in 1961 and have since established themselves across two sites and act as one of the country’s leading recycling centres.

Across their two sites, they employee over 60 members of staff and operate a fleet of 13 vehicles, with 200 skips deployed nationwide.

They specialise in the recycling of paper, cardboard and plastic, and process over 3500 tonnes of material per week.

The Challenge

As part of their recycling process, Parry and Evans shred their paper reels, cores and paper bundles to reduce the volume of the material. This enables them to produce denser bales and reduce transportation costs.

Parry and Evans continually invest in the best equipment to keep up with the demands of a growing recycling industry. As part of this initiative, they required a new shredder that was easier to manoeuvre around site and could provide them with increased throughputs to increase their production capacity, and to save on operational costs.

The Solution

Parry and Evans had an existing relationship with CRJ Services, due to their previous rental of equipment from CRJ. Therefore, they had the reassurance that they would be purchasing quality machinery from a company they could rely on to provide them with excellent after-sales service via CRJ’s expert service support team.

Following a series of meetings and site visits, CRJ was able to establish the specific requirements that a new shredder needed to meet.

CRJ suggested the Haas Tyron 2000XL 2.0 (7-7/4) would be able to significantly boost their throughput tonnages thanks to its independently driven twin shaft configuration, and large tilting hopper that provides an aggressive infeed. The hopper also comes equipped with foldable extensions which further increase the size of the infeed area which is ideal for the long cardboard tubes present in this specific application.

The Haas Tyron is fitted with crawler tracks for easy manoeuvrability around site which can be operated via the remote-control allowing Parry and Evans to seamlessly move the shredder from one application to another.

Following the purchase of the Haas Tyron, we went to speak with Nick Owen – Deeside Depot Manager to see how the new shredder has been performing.

Why was the Haas Tyron chosen over other options?

We felt the machine was well built, and as a company we knew what CRJ services are like due to pervious rentals. It gave us reinsurance if the machine needed any attention or service it would be sorted quickly.

What has been the main benefits of operating the Tyron over previous shredders?

It has a large hopper, great throughput, is self-cleaning and the service backup from CRJ is excellent.

What increase in throughput have you seen from the new shredder?

In comparison to our previous shredder, the Tyron is achieving an additional 50% throughput.

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