Timberpak Ltd

Timberpak Ltd is a major wood recycling company, a subsidiary of EGGER (UK) Limited, and part of the EGGER Group, a leading international wood-based materials manufacturer. Timberpak operates four wood recycling sites throughout the UK (Washington, Leeds, Glasgow and St. Albans).

The EGGER Group run a closed-loop production cycle, and in the UK has a fully integrated forestry subsidiary, which sustainably manages forests and harvests timber. This timber is then processed through sawmills, the offcuts and sawdust generated by these sawmills are used by EGGER in its manufacturing processes. Furthermore, industrial roundwood that cannot be used by the sawmilling industry is also used by EGGER in the manufacturing of its products. The resulting EGGER wood-based products are then sold to a range of customers in the furniture, interior design and housebuilding markets.  Timberpak closes the loop to ensure waste wood is recycled into EGGER products. It is only when wood can no longer be recycled is it then burnt to create a source of energy for EGGER.

The Process

When the material arrives at Timberpak Scotland, it is firstly graded before further processing. The lower grade material is fed onto a primary picking line, where all MDF and general waste is removed. Once this material is removed, the remaining material is then shredded down to a consistent, downsized product, before having metals removed via an over-band magnet.

The resulting recycled material is further processed by a secondary picking line and is then transported to EGGER (UK) Limited, where it is used in the production of wood-based materials for EGGER customers. If the recycled material cannot be used to make products, it is sent to EGGER’s own biomass power plants to be turned into heat as a source of energy.