Shredding with the Swing Program

At CRJ Services we take the maintenance and servicing of our machines seriously. We ensure that when we hire out a machine to our customers, it is fit for purpose and will reliably meet the requirements of the job to the highest standard.

However, as many of our customers have our machines on long term hires, it is not sufficient to just ensure the performance of the machine as it leaves our yard. When shredders operate at high volumes for long periods of time, there is inevitably a change in the output product size/quality due to wear of the teeth. This is an issue for many of our customers as this can limit the value and the application of the final product. Therefore, we run the Swing Program.


What is the Swing Program?

Under the Swing Program, our Haas shredders are bought back to our site after 300 – 500 hours of operation depending on the attrition on the teeth condition. The shredder is replaced with a like for like machine, so that our client’s operation can continue with minimal disruption.

Once the machine arrives back at our facility, our expert team of engineers will service the machine with a focus on the maintenance of the shredding shafts, teeth, plates and breaker bars. These features are the most susceptible to wear and are responsible for the quality of the outputted final product.

Our engineers ensure that all impact areas of the machine are hard faced (welded) to protect their integral parts. This process not only maintains the quality of the output, but significantly reduces the risk of downtime.

Why is the Swing Program necessary?

For our customers, the quality and consistency of the final shredded product is of paramount importance. Whether they are selling on the final product, or reusing the product themselves, there are certain standards that must be maintained to ensure the quality and therefore the value of their final product. On short-term hires this is not an issue, but when operating for lengthy periods the Swing Program ensures that out customers are getting the same quality product at the end of their operation as they were at the start.

By bringing the machine back to our own site we are able to work in a controlled environment, and reduce the risks associated with undertaking ‘hot work’ on our customers sites.

For CRJ Services, the Swing Program allows us to maintain our machines efficiently, and therefore extend the life of certain components and in-turn the life of the machine.

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